The Documentation will be put on the web in stages.

We need to be running two instances of this program to understand what happens if a program leaves the clipboard open

  1. Down load "truecrpt password.txt" into ramdrive
  2. Open "truecrpt password.txt" in notepad

  1. Open two instances of "e_crypt7.exe" and for sake of clarity will refer to programs as "instance 1" and "instance 2
  • By Keyboard
  1. Type "Alt+E"
  2. Type "O"
  • By Mouse
  1. Click on "Extras"
  2. Click on "Leave Open ClipBoard Test"

  1. Click on "OK"
    1. The Clipboard is now open
  2. In Notepad try doing a copy and paste
    1. It is not possible to paste
  3. Put notepad Window over "instance 1" program

  • By Keyboard
  1. Type "Alt+R"
  2. Type "C"
  • Alternative Keyboard
  1. Type "Ctrl+c"
  • By Mouse
  1. Click on "Clear Clipbard Ctrl+C"

  1. Click on "OK"
    1. Notepad mow behind instance 1
    2. Copy and paste still does not work
  2. Close "instance 1"
    1. Copy and paste functions now work